The Man Called Flintstone by Warner Home Video

The Man Called Flintstone by Warner Home Video
The Man Called Flintstone by Warner Home Video The Man Called Flintstone by Warner Home Video The Man Called Flintstone by Warner Home Video (click images to enlarge)

The Man Called Flintstone by Warner Home Video

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Man Called Flintstone, The

The unmistakable Fred Flintstone is mistaken--for a famous internationalspy! Fred's exact double, famed secret agent Rock Slag, has been injuredon assignment. Now Fred must step into Slag's trench coat, and meet theexotic and notorious Tanya in Paris . . . so the Flintstones and theirneighbors, the Rubbles, leave on a trip that the others believe is avacation. But S.M.I.R.K. agents desperately try to foil Fred's meeting.Finally after chasing halfway across Europe, Fred discovers Tanya hasbeen the bait to trap him, or Rock Slag, that is. Although captured,Fred remains true to the spy's code and refuses to talk--no matter howmuch they torture Barney. At last, the real Rock Slag shows up andrescues the Flintstones and Rubbles in the comic caper The Man CalledFlintstone.


One of the odder bits of pop culture cross-pollination from the 1960s, The Man Called Flintstone thrusts Fred Flintstone into the spy game for a feature-length animated musical adventure that's probably best appreciated by die-hard fans of the modern stone-age family. Released to theaters immediately after the network series left the air in 1966, Flintstone reunites the vocal cast from its final two seasons--Alan Reed as Fred, Mel Blanc as Barney, Jean VanderPyl as Wilma, and Gerry Johnson, who replaced Bea Bernadet as Betty--for this tale of mistaken identities and international intrigue. Veteran voice actor Paul Frees is secret agent Rock Slag, who is injured in his pursuit of the villainous Green Goose (Harvey Korman). His identical twin (Fred Flintstone, natch) is recruited to impersonate Slag and continue the chase in "Eurock," with Wilma, Barney and Betty in tow under the pretense of a joint family vacation. Flintstone has its moments, most notably a musical number featuring the voice of Louis Prima, but on the whole, it pales by comparison to the smart writing of the series (which addressed several of the feature's plotlines in individual episodes). Still, Reed, Blanc and the rest are game, and nostalgists may enjoy this rare feature-length outing, which has gone unseen save for sporadic TV broadcasts since its release. Flintstones scholars may note that Henry Corden, who took over as the voice of Fred Flintstone following Reed's death in 1977, provides Fred's singing voice in musical numbers. --Paul Gaita

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Meet Fred Flintstone, super spy. He's the kind of guy who'd go down in history, except this is the Stone Age and history hasn't been invented yet. What, you don't know him? You will when you watch the feature-length cartoon spy spoof The Man Called Flintstone.Our man from Bedrock takes on the mission of an injured super agent who looks exactly like Fred. His task: find the arch-baddie Green Goose

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