The Bonanza Collection from PASSPORT VIDEO

The Bonanza Collection from PASSPORT VIDEO
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The Bonanza Collection from PASSPORT VIDEO

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Description of The Bonanza Collection by PASSPORT VIDEO

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Manufacturer Description

Take your boots off, put the feedbags on the horses, sit back, and enjoy a passel of mighty-fine episodes from television's most-beloved Western series: BONANZA!

Here is the vast Ponderosa Ranch and the entire Cartwright family: Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe (otherwise known as Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon). Using the Western TV show format, BONANZA wove morality tales around the Cartwrights, touching on such social issues as injustice and race prejudice, just one of the reasons this classic series still holds up strong today.

Among the guest stars included among the classic episodes in this compilation: Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek ; Lee Van Cleef, gunslinger in spaghetti Westerns; Ricardo Montalban of Fantasy Island ; Sebastian Cabot of Family Affair ; Vic Morrow of Combat ; Franchot Tone of Mutiny on the Bounty , Julie Adams of Creature from the Black Lagoon ; British ‘Scream Queen' Hazel Court, future game show host Bob Barker, and Everett Sloane of Citizen Kane ; as well as Hollywood reliables Dan Duryea, Patricia Medina, Lyle Talbot, Claude Akins and Philip Ahn.

With fifteen complete episodes of BONANZA on five discs, this DVD collection is perfect for fans of Westerns, classic TV shows, or just good old-fashioned entertainment.

735 minutes


"The Courtship"

Guest stars Julie Adams, Paul Dubov and Lyle Talbot

Going to the aid of a beautiful young widow, Hoss falls in love and becomes engaged to her, not knowing she has a serious gambling problem. Julie Adams, the damsel in distress in The Creature from the Black Lagoon, guest stars.

"Denver McKee"

Guest stars Franchot Tone, Natalie Trundy, Ken Mayer and Bob Barker

The Cartwrights ask former lawman hero Denver McKee (Franchot Tone) to lead a posse in search of an outlaw gang, unaware that he is the gang's leader. Complicating things is Little Joe having eyes for his daughter, just returned from the East and equally ignorant of her father's crimes.

"The Gunmen"

Guest stars George Mitchell, Ellen Corby & Jonathan Gilmore

In Texas to buy breeding stock for the Ponderosa, Hoss and Little Joe are mistaken for two gunslingers hired by one side in a feud between two families. Will they be able prove the mistaken identity before they are shot or hanged, and what will happen when their lookalikes show up?



Guest stars Vic Morrow, Jean Allison

Convicted of murder, Ben and Adam Cartwright await hanging, with Hoss and Little Joe trying to exonerate them. Meanwhile, a stranger with a dark past (Vic Morrow) comes to town looking for someone and asking questions. Will he side with the Cartwrights?

"Last Trophy"

Guest stars Hazel Court , Edward Ashley

Adam guides a visiting British lord and lady on a mountain lion hunt, only to encounter more dangerous varmints in the form of lawless renegades who take the party hostage.

"Desert Justice"

Guest stars Claude Akins, Tom Greenway and Bud Osbourne

Claude Akins guest stars as a none-too-gentle U.S. marshall extraditing a friend of the Cartwrights back to California to stand trial for murder. Adam and Hoss go along to make sure their friend gets to court alive.


"The Ape"

Guest stars Leonard Nimoy, Karen Sharpe, Cal Bolder

Hoss attempts to help out a brawny but dimwitted and unstable drifter (Cal Bolder) who is infatuated with a callous saloon floozy (Karen Sharpe). Leonard Nimoy plays her bartender friend.

"The Blood Line"

Guest stars Jan Sterling, David Macklin, Lee Van Cleef, Allan "Rocky" Lane

After Ben shoots a man in self-defense, he and Hoss try to help out his vengeful teenage son (David Macklin). Movie bad girl Jan Sterling plays—what else? – a bad girl, and future spaghetti western star Lee Van Cleef plays- what else?—a gunslinger.


Guest stars Ben Cooper, Jack Lambert, Ray Teal

A young bank robber hires on as a hand at the Ponderosa as lookout for his gang. Little Joe is suspicious of the stranger, who has his own misgivings as the Cartwrights treat him with kindness. Will he remain loyal to the gang of robbers?


"Blood on the Land"

A hardbitten sheep herder (Everett Sloane) aims to drive his herd over the Ponderosa, and Ben Cartwright is just as determined to stop him. Can Adam resolve the matter without bloodshed, or will there be a range war?

"Badge Without Honor"

Guest stars Dan Duryea, Fred Beir, Christine White, Wendell Holmes, Richard Warren

Dan Duryea plays a smooth talking lawman who likes killing a little too much, raising Adam's suspicions about his mission to take an unwilling witness back to California to testify.

"Death at Dawn"

Guest stars: Robert Middleton, Gregory Walcott, Morgan Woodward, Wendell Holmes

When Virginia City is overrun by a gang of bullies, the sheriff deputizes the Cartwrights to help restore order. Will the gang allow one of their own to be hanged? Character actor Robert Middleton guest stars as the leader of the gang.


"The Spanish Grant"

Guest stars Patricia Medina, Sebastian Cabot, Paul Picerni, Celia Lovsky

Holders of an original land grant ruthlessly evict homesteaders on their property. Are the Cartwrights next? Patricia Medina guest stars as the land heiress of dubious origin, with Sebastian Cabot as her conniving manipulator. Will Adam let his feelings for the senorita interfere with finding out the truth?

"Day of Reckoning"

Guest stars Ricardo Montalban, Madlyn Rhue, Anthony Caruso

Ricardo Montalban guest stars as an Indian caught between the traditional ways of his tribe and the new ways of the settlers. Even though he saves Ben Cartwright's life, will hostility of other whites and contempt from his fellow braves drive him on the warpath?

"The Fear Merchants"

Gene Evans, Helen Westcott, Frank Ferguson, Guy Lee, Philip Ahn

A candidate (Gene Evans) for the mayor of Virginia City stirs up hatred against Chinese immigrants, including Hop Sing. When one Chinese is accused of murder, mob violence brews. No need to state whom the Cartwrights support.

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