Lost in Space


Guy Williams as Prof. John Robinson 
June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson 
Mark Goddard as Don West 
Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson 
Bill Mumy as Will Robinson 
Angela Cartwright as Penny Robinson 
Jonathan Harris as Dr. Zachary Smith 


"Lost in Space"

Kac Writes:
Dear Morty,
What was the name of Penny's space monkey?

Morty Writes:
I got this wrong the first time it was asked, I said "Blawp," but Penny named her "Debbie" in episode 4, "Island In The Sky."

Donna Writes:
Dear Morty,
Was the guy inside the robot a midget?

Morty Writes:
Nope.  Bobby May was a stuntman who just happened to be nearby when they needed someone to jump inside the robot.  He was of average size and proportions.  You can see him as the monster in the episode  "All That Glitters" and as Hitler on "The Time Tunnel" episode "The Kidnappers."

Everyone Writes:
What was the name of the robot?
Morty Writes:
The robot didn't have a name.  This, and "what was the name of the dog on 'Petticoat Junction'?" are two very popular questions.  The robot was called "Robot" and the dog was called "Dog." The robot' was a B-9, Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot