I Dream of Jeannie

Barbara Eden as Jeannie 
Larry Hagman as Capt./Major Anthony Nelson 
Bill Daily as Capt./Major Roger Healey 
Hayden Rorke as Col. Alfred E. Bellows, M.D.

  "I Dream of Jeannie"

A most asked question on Ask Morty:
"What was the name of Jeannie's evil twin sister?"
Morty Sez:
It was "Jeannie," they were all named "Jeannie."

Here's another:
Hi Morty,
Were "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie" done by the same people? Which show came first, or did they both start the same year?

Morty Sez:
Sort of...  William Asher, the genius behind "Bewitched," was called in as a creative consultant to help rip off the success of "Bewitched" and Asher did. 

Did you know?
"I Dream of Jeannie" was written by Sidney Sheldon, author of the best selling novels: "The Best Laid Plans," "Nothing Lasts Forever," "The Stars Shine Down," "The Doomsday Conspiracy" and many others. Before "I Dream of Jeannie," Sheldon wrote and created "The Patty Duke Show."