Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright
Michael Landon as Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright
Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright
Dan Blocker as Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright
Victor Sen Yung as Hop Sing
David Canary as 'Candy' Canaday
Lou Frizzell as Dusty Rhoades
Harry Holcombe as Doc Martin
Tim Matheson as Griff King
Slim Pickens as Marshall


Gillie Writes:
I think Ben Cartwright was married and widowed 3 times producing 3 son's by different women one of which was Native American. My family disagrees. 

Morty Writes:
It was Hop Sing, no, no, just kidding. Wow, this is the toughest question I've been asked in a while. I wasn't a big fan of "Bonanza" but I watched it every Sunday night with my Dad. I clearly remember the boys getting into a fight over a remark made by someone in town over one of their Indian heritage. I wasn't sure, so I checked with Deirdre Culpepper ov'r at the ranch located at: You'll find the whole background of the four principle characters on this page.

It's worth reading, but to sum it up, Adam's mother was from New England, daughter of a down East sea captain, died in childbirth; Hoss' mom was a Swedish immigrant and killed in an Indian attack; Little Joe's mother was from New Orleans, a fiery Creole beauty whose father had been one of Jean Lafitte's henchmen and lost her life at the hands of a jealous former lover.